About George

George RichardsI have a Master’s Degree in Music, so, like most useless things, I am doing something in a completely different field of endeavor.

I am a Philosophical Counselor by trade.  I offer my services to people who are looking for answers to the great mysteries of life.  I don’t have any of those answers of course but it is worth a good deal of money to know that no such answers exist.

Because once you have a firm grip on this reality, the rest of life becomes much easier to deal with.

I’ve been to seminary, so I can always toss in a religious nugget or two, if necessary.  I prefer to distance myself from it. You know the rule. Religion and Politics. Bad roommates these two.  Besides, I offer my services to create a sense of well being, not add to someone’s misery.

I live in Florida, the cornerstone of Global Warming. I ingest rocket fuel because I live close enough to Cape Canaveral to feel the surge of power from the launch pads.  So does my cat Farfel. who panics each time.

I am married and have two daughters from a previous marriage.  Heidi and Haley are in college earning their respective degrees so that they will be able to pronounce the term “Will that be paper or plastic?” with flair once they graduate.

I host a website at http://www.brevardarts.com for a group of artists in my area.  Have a look. It’s quite harmless really.

Otherwise, drop me a line at gvr@cfl.rr.com, or leave a comment from one of my blogs.

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